“New York City is the restaurant capital of the world. So when you open a restaurant here you need every advantage you can get. Everyone here is talented. Everyone here has a great concept. Everyone here works hard. What makes you different? So, whatever sets you apart from the pack needs to be broadcasted. And that means you need proper media representation. I have worked with Gail for years, and she is someone you can trust, she has the contacts, and she will always guide you in the right direction.”

- Chris Cheung East Wind Snack Shop, Soho and Brooklyn and Tansuo in Nashville

“Gail PR is a first class organization. I’ve had a long standing business relationship which is more like a friendship now. Personal service and collaborative input helps with finding the proper fit in this cut throat world! Great support staff! I’ve used Gail in multiple cities and have been extremely pleased on all levels.”

- John Mooney, Chef/Owner of Bidwell in Washington, DC; Bell, Book and Candle in NYC; and Kakele on Oahu

“We’ve been working with Gail PR for over 10 years, having just launched our third restaurant project. Gail and her team have done a phenomenal job. Not only have we garnered press in major publications, but Gail and company have provided a tremendous amount of creative input. Gail is a pleasure to work with, is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable about the New York City restaurant business, and is an integral part of our team. Without Gail and company, we truly believe our restaurants would not have been nearly as successful.”

- Luis Arce Mota, Chef/Owner of La Contenta, New York, NY

“Gail PR is a diverse group of collaborators that turn their passion for restaurants into creative, buzz worthy marketing and public relations plans. They know how to connect movers with shakers, and how to turn contacts into brand champions.”

- Lesley Weiss, Formerly of RSR now Restaurant Consultant for Casa Apici

“From the PR standpoint, what makes a business successful? Finding the story behind it and bringing it to the customers. That’s what Gail PR is brilliant at. Working with Gail PR was a natural from the start. They went to great lengths to learn about who we are and what we bring to our customer. They know not only all sides of the restaurant marketing business, but they keep us on the cutting edge with social media and the publicist side of the PR, as well as NYC’s latest restaurant concepts and trends.”

- Ladi add Wurstbar, Hudson Hall and Former owner of Asbury Festhall and Biergarten

“Gail PR was on the top of their game every day. The connections, ideas, resources, and expertise assisted us with an extremely successful restaurant opening and continued success and exposure. We look forward to making more headlines with Gail!”

- Josh Thomsen, Executive Chef of Omni Grove Park Inn Ashville, North Carolina

“I have known Ms. Schoenberg for several years, during which time she provided Public Relations services for several of my restaurants. She handled our press releases and brought many new publishers, writers and customers into our businesses. I can attest to her reliability, creativity, efficiency and quality of work. Ms. Schoenberg has always been a pleasure to work with and has always gone above and beyond in the services that she provided. She was generous in providing outstanding feedback and was always enthusiastically and consistently supportive over the years.

Ms. Schoenberg has a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and has an extensive network of resources that makes her a great asset to any business or company. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ms. Schoenberg will benefit greatly and would be lucky to have her as part of their team.”

- Mehenni Zebentout, Owner, Nomad

“Working with Gail Schoenberg Public Relations has been a such a pleasure that it no longer becomes work but about building relationships within the community and connecting with the right network.”

- Pichet Ong, Consulting Chef

“Gail works with us not just in a p.r. capacity, but in a true marketing partnership. She’s knowledgeable, creative, and energetic, and a continuous source of ideas.”

- Russell Bellanca, Owner, Alfredo’s of Rome